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Exclusive Features for Elevating Your Marketplace Success

Our solutions for Multi-Vendor Marketplaces are designed with your convenience in mind


Enhance Your Marketplace with Advanced Features

Multi-Channel Integration

Unlock the potential of your business by integrating seamlessly across multiple eCommerce platforms with MapMyChannel.

AI-Powered Demand Forecasting

Leverage cutting-edge technology to predict and analyze market trends, ensuring your inventory is always optimized.

Smart AI Integration

Seamlessly connect diverse eCommerce channels with your Fulfillment/ERPs using advanced AI capabilities.

Inventory Management

Integrate quantities and costs seamlessly across your fulfillment sources for a unified view of your distributed inventory.

Returns & Refunds

From initiating Return Management Authorization (RMA) to processing refunds, save time and enhance customer satisfaction.


Leverage the intelligent analytics provided by our platform to gain valuable insights into your orders, inventory, and overall business performance.

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